Pool Fencing

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Excellent choice for commercial roofing & modern buildings
Excellent choice for commercial roofing & modern buildings
Excellent choice for commercial roofing & modern buildings
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Swimming pool fences are a great option for residential and commercial property owners who would like to protect their pools from outside users, but also make sure their loved ones and pets are safe from any potential harm. One important thing to consider when constructing a pool fence are city and statewide ordinances and codes. Most ordinances require self-closing or self-latching gates and anti-climbing features, among others. That´s why we recommend hiring us, the professionals, to help you design the perfect pool fence for your personal needs and property while still complying with city codes.

Keep your family and pets safe with Pool Fencing

Adding a well-designed and properly installed pool fence to your backyard is one of the best investments you can make to not only protect your pool, but the beings you love the most. Read on to find out what kind of pool fence is right for your property.


Most property owners are very aware of the benefits and attractive qualities of having a swimming pool on their property. It can raise the quality of life, property values, and increase the likelihood of resale, however, owning a swimming pool can also bring with it a raised sense of responsibility and set of maintenance requirements. Erecting a fence around your pool is the first step in easing that responsibility and ensuring that you are keeping your loved ones safe and keeping potential outsiders out. With this added barrier you can rest assured that your property is completely protected and that everything is up to code as required by law. Once you’ve decided to opt for safety and peace of mind, the next step is to choose the type of fencing you´d like to have installed.


Mesh pool fencing is one of the most popular and dependable safety barriers when it comes to securing your swimming pool. They are remarkably strong, difficult for small children to climb or puts to push through, and easy to remove and store when necessary. Their greatest asset is the ease with which you can set them up and take them down. They are also adaptable to the size and shape of the pool. Regardless of water features or landscaping, a mesh fence can accommodate them. Among the many benefits already mentioned, they are low cost and easy to install and personalize.


Other than mesh pool fencing, there are many other great fencing types that owners can choose from to secure their pool area. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. We’ve listed three of the most popular pool fencing types with our customers. Metal fencing (ornamental iron, aluminum, chain-link) is a common choice due its durability and ability to resist water damage and exposure to the elements. It is also easy to customize to your particular property. Glass is an attractive choice due to its increased visibility and ability to allow in sunlight to the pool area. It can be installed in small decorative panels or in large sheets depending on your particular design needs. The third most in-demand pool fencing option is wood. Although wood can be susceptible to fading, warping, and twisting when exposed to water, with the right material choice and design, it can make a beautiful accent piece to your pool enclosure, providing functionality, security, and privacy.

Get The Perfect Fence For Your Swimming Pool

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If you have a swimming pool on your property and you are looking into how to secure it, Bellevue Fence Company has the perfect solution for you. We have many years of experience hand designing and building pool fences to meet property owners’ specifications as well as comply with city ordinances. Invest in your peace and mind now! Our expert designers and consultants will help you design the perfect fencing solution for you and your property. Give us a call at xxx-xxxx now to get started on your next fencing project!