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Vinyl Fencing in Bellevue

If you don’t have a lot of experience with residential or commercial fencing, fencing a property can feel overwhelming and downright intimidating. That’s why we’ve created a short guide to vinyl fencing types, with all the considerations you´ll need to take into account when deciding. Whether you’re looking for security, privacy, or to add value to your property, we can design and install a wide variety of vinyl fences that will meet your exact needs. We offer many different designs and styles that will comply with homeowner association requirements as well as local codes, while still adding aesthetic value and functionality. Vinyl fencing has a great number of attractive characteristics. Read through the following sections to learn everything you need to know about our vinyl fencing services.

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Considering vinyl fencing for your property?

Read on to learn about the benefits of vinyl fences. Our fence contractors are experts in installing vinyl fencing.

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Vinyl Fence Characteristics

Vinyl fencing has many great qualities over other more traditional fencing materials, making it extremely popular with both residential and commercial property owners. It’s the perfect choice for owners looking for longevity, durability, and easy maintenance. Due to their synthetic nature, vinyl fences last longer, don’t breakdown with exposure to the elements and require little to no maintenance once installed.

Long Lasting and Durable:
Due to its synthetic nature, it will not rust or rot due to exposure to inclement weather and it is flexible enough to withstand strong winds and light impact from flying debris.
Easy to Maintain:
Because of the way it’s manufactured, vinyl will not require any additional coatings, stains, or sealants to maintain its protective qualities. It can also be easily cleaned with a quick rubdown or a quick squirt with the hose to keep it looking clean and new.
There are several popular varieties of vinyl fencing. Take a look at the two most common below. For more information on vinyl fencing, feel free to give us a call for a free consultation!

Vinyl Picket Fence

If you are hoping to delineate your property lines, but also add aesthetic value to your property, then picket style fencing is for you. Vinyl makes a great choice for a picket fence as it comes in a great variety of different designs, styles, and hues. Because vinyl is so easy to maintain, it makes it the perfect choice for property owners who desire the attractiveness of picket fences, without all the bothersome upkeep of repainting or weatherproofing. It also has the added benefit of protecting your landscaping from pets and pedestrians. And because vinyl doesn´t deteriorate with exposure to water and other liquids, it can be installed near flowerbeds and gardens without fear of rust or rot.

Vinyl Privacy Fences

If your goal is privacy from neighbors and passing traffic, a vinyl fence is a great choice. Because of the way it is constructed, there is practically no space between each board and the top of the fence is finished with an extra protective board on top. This allows some light to come through while still keeping prying eyes out. Vinyl privacy fences give you the peace of mind of privacy and protection and add aesthetic value. We offer many different styles and colors with the option of extra design detailing that can be added to the top. Together we can design the perfect privacy fence to compliment your property.

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