Wood Fencing

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Excellent choice for commercial roofing & modern buildings
Excellent choice for commercial roofing & modern buildings
Excellent choice for commercial roofing & modern buildings
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Wood fencing is a timeless and classic fencing material and remains one of the most popular fencing choices for residential and commercial property owners alike. A wood fence lends a classic beauty to your space that will never go out of style. Wood is known for its versatility of design, color, and style. Whether you need a repair to an existing wood fence, a replacement, or a new fence constructed from scratch, Bellevue Fence Company is the best choice. We will work closely with you to figure out your budget constraints, design needs, and desired functionality. Together we will put together the perfect wood fence design for you and your property!

Types of Wood Fencing

Because wood fencing is so versatile, making a design choice can often be overwhelming. We listed the most common materials below along with their benefits and maintenance requirements.


Cedar fencing is known for its beautiful aesthetics without having to sacrifice durability. Its tight grain, few knots, and gorgeous red hue make it an attractive choice for any residential or commercial property. In addition to its beauty, it is also known for its durability. Natural oils in cedar ensures that it will not warp, shrink, or swell under extreme weather conditions and it naturally resists insect damage. For long-lasting color and protection, we will treat the wood with a penetrating sealant immediately after installation. Then, it will require a yearly reapplication of the same sealant to ensure the fence keeps its aesthetic and durable properties as well as the occasional plank replacement. Understanding and accepting the level of commitment required for maintenance is important when choosing your wood material.


Redwood and teak fencing is a premium wood material that is highly coveted in both residential and commercial properties. This wood type can be costly, but the aesthetic value it adds to your property is priceless. It lends a natural softness and luster difficult to find in other wood materials. However, because it is highly prized it can be a costlier option. Due to this, it is often used in smaller areas or as an adornment piece for spa or pool enclosures, gate enclosures, or decorative arches. Similar to cedar, redwood and teak is naturally resistant to decay and water damage, shrinking and warping, and insect damage. To maintain your redwood and teak fence we recommend the annual or biannual reapplication of a penetrating sealer or oil. This reapplication will allow your wood to retain its beautiful and unique original color.


Picket or privacy fences constructed with treated wood are very popular due to their attractive aesthetic and wallet friendly qualities. Many homeowners opt for treated wood as it can be more economical than cedar while still providing the classic look and feel of wood. In addition to providing a beautiful adornment to your property, treated wood is also highly resistant to damage from moisture and insects. However, one key difference with treated wood is that it can warp or twist with time and exposure to the elements. Because of this propensity, fairly frequent maintenance is required. In order to avoid this unfortunate situation, we handpick the planks to ensure that no green or damp planks are used in the fence’s construction. As part of the installation process we generously seal and often paint the treated wood to safeguard against warpage of the planks. We also recommend an annual or biannual assessment of the wood to check if it needs to be resealed or repainted to extend its lifespan.

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As you´ve gleaned, although a beautiful and timeless material, wood can require regular repair and maintenance to keep it functional and looking fresh. Wood fencing has many good qualities when it comes to versatility of design, style, and color. And depending on the type of wood you choose, many have a natural resistance to warping, decay, and insect damage. Wood fencing will require yearly or biannual retreatment, but as long as you are committed to that wood will be a great option for your property! For additional information or for a free consultation about the right wood fencing material for you, give us a call now at xxx-xxxx.